Traveling Done Right

4923113846_646b15f40f_oTraveling can take up a lot of time and energy. Researching things to do and places to see is a vital part of any world traveler’s travel experience. Visiting the wrong environments, or places that are swamped in tourism can really impede upon your travel experience. With the advent of smartphones and their apps, we have become much better at tackling the many issues a would-be traveller faces. Quicker access to information and a more ready usage can prevent the world traveller from ever having to struggle again. If you want to travel without problems, here are a few great free apps Business Insider suggests to download before you embark on your journey.


Indie Guides is an awesome app for those travellers looking to travel the beaten path. It strays away from the typical tourist attractions, and sends you on your way to local favorite spots. It is available for cities throughout North America, Asia , Europe, and Europe.

Microsoft Translator

This app is designed to translate conversations and words across forty languages. Just type the word or phrase you’re looking to translate, and the app will do the rest. Although the app is not perfect, it is much better than having to use a pocket translation book.


Hopper uses a price-predictive function that allows you to determine when is the best time to buy and fly. The app claims to have 95% accuracy, which is certainly an impressive number. It will predict flight prices and monitor those prices 24/7 just for you!


Airgrub makes eating at the airport so much easier. The app allows you to avoid long waits by allowing you to pre order your meal online for pickup. Although AirGrub is only available at a few select airports including JFK, Logan International in Boston, and San Francisco, the app is sure to expand its horizons in the coming years.


A strangely useful app, Companion prioritizes your safety. Companion keeps track of where you travelled and the exact course you may have travelled. This is mainly for individuals who are travelling to areas where safety may be a huge concern. In case you go missing, this app may just find you !


This is your go-to Wifi app. Wiffinity allows you to find and connect to free Wifi with no anxiety over roaming charges. The app has access to over 300,000 wifi hotspots worldwide.


When you’re stuck in an airport because of a layover, this is your go-to app. Flio automatically connects you to free wifi, and offers discounts on food, shopping, and airport lounges. The app gives is accessible and usable in all major international airports.

Great Little Place

This stellar app helps you find secret destinations and hidden gems that are otherwise unheard of. Visitors who have visited these places in various cities and countries recommend these spots and must-see destinations. Like a more exclusive Yelp, this app helps you navigate through the best restaurants, bars, pubs, and other destinations.

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