Necessary Travel Hacks Pt. I

Traveling Business Man

I love to save money on drinks, bags, flights, and everything travel related. The question is, do you? Please feel free to read through this helpful and instructional list of travel hacks from a few professional travelers so you know they are on point.

1. Apply for Global Entry

U.S. Citizens can clear customs quickly with Global Entry. The application process involves a long and tough background check with an interview, but it is only a one time inconvenience and once you’re a member you can clear customs in no time. You also get to take advantage of special security lines and procedures.

2. BYOL (Bring Your Own Liquor)Nips

Traveling domestic? Want to have a drink or two? If you answered yes to both questions, this step is is very important. Be sure to carry on a mini bottle of your favorite alcohol. You can drink it straight up or mix it with a free soda provided by the airline and mix it with the free soft drink. The TSA doesn’t have restrictions about what liquids you can bring, just how big they are.

3. Ride Yourself Into the First Class Lounge

Some first class lounges allow you to bring in a guest for free. If you are feeling particularly outgoing or desperate just wait by the entrance and ask someone if he or she wouldn’t mind signing you in. It has been known to work.

4. Pay for the First Class Lounge

If begging for first class access didn’t work, you can usually buy a pass. Prices hover in the $30-$50 area. The pros of joining the club are pretty nice. With the pass, travelers can enjoy comfortable seating, free food/drinks, Wi-fi, and occasionally sleep rooms and showers.

5. Wear Your Extra Luggage

To avoid the steep fees of overweight baggage, you can always wear any extra luggage. You might not look like a millionaire jetsetter but you can at least bring more stuff when traveling. If you want to also include a smaller bag inside your carry-on, you can also take off some of the unwanted articles during the flight and the crew will be none the wiser.

6. Choose the Red-EyesRed Eye

Flying red-eye flights may not be ideal but there are definitely some perks involved. You avoid the rush hour crowds of people, get through security faster, and have less people on the flights. Look for flights past 10:00PM to save yourself a lot of frustration and take a snooze on the plane and wake up to your destination right outside the window.

7. Get Help Booking Flights

If flying red-eye doesn’t appeal, Benny Lewis also recommends using Flight Fox to book flights; he says they can often find a convenient travel time for the same cost as a red-eye flight. I would also recommend searching for flights with private browsing turned on to avoid ticket prices going up the next time you search.

8. Seek Assistance

As everyone knows, airports are places where walking around and standing in lines are the norm. If you really don’t feel like doing all that, ask for some assistance.

Airlines can help with wheelchair assistance. Though this is not something to be abused, it’s a huge time-saver if you have a tight connection and are unable to move quickly. When the airport staff helps they take you through the airport’s “secret passages” and act as a fast pass through special lines. Also, anyone in your party will be escorted through with you!