Necessary Travel Hacks Pt. III

I have gotten a good response on the previous two and thought a third was necessary. Traveling is one of the best things people can do in life, but it doesn’t make it any less stressful. Here are some hacks that will ensure you have a safe and relaxing trip. Need to catch up? Here are part one and part two!

hqdefault1. Enable Private Browsing When Booking Flights or Hotels

Private Browsing, or Incognito Browsing, is very important to enable when you are looking for the best travel deal. When you search for the finest deal, the websites will know when you visit more than once as you compare multiple sites. As a result of this, the websites will know when you return and simply raise the price because you have been there before. Enabling private mode will ensure this does not happen and give you the price you are seeking.

2. Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding

Getting everything you need into your suitcase is a problem the majority of travelers have. Instead of leaving things out, try rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Not only will you be able to fit everything nice and neatly, you will find that you can get more into it. It will help provide space for those trinkets you pick up on the road.

3. Use Spare Glass Cases for Cords

There is nothing worse than having numerous cords and chargers for your various gadgets floating around in your bag. They are easy to misplace, get tangled, leave behind or lose. Wrapping them up tightly and placing them inside the case will ensure that you don’t leave anything behind or destroy them in the process. Also, it will cut down your search within your luggage for that charger for your camera at night.

Seats_on_an_airplane4. Chose the Aisle and Window Seats When Reserving Seats for Two

Many airlines allow you to pick your own seat after you purchase your ticket. When traveling with someone else, reserve the aisle and window seat for you and your travel partner. If the person who has the middle seat doesn’t show up, then you have a full row to yourself. If the person with the middle seat does show up, then you can ask for them to switch seats to ensure you both are sitting together.

5. Give your loose change to the Homeless

When traveling to a foreign country, it’s inevitable that you will have tons of loose change. Since you cannot exchange coins, do something valuable for someone else by giving your change to the homeless.  Not only will you be helping someone else to get a good meal for the day, you will leave on a positive note to the country you’ve been staying in.