Necessary Travel Hacks Pt. II

food court

1. Eat at the Airport

Eating a filling and somewhat healthy meal at the airport can not only be decently cheap, but also arriving in your new location well-fed will help battle jet lag. You might even find it kind of fun to walk around and stretch your legs before the flight and explore all the options. Some people even swear that getting off the plane with a full stomach will improve your immediate spending desires.

2. Family Travel Hack: Entertain the Kids Without Gadgets

Contrary to popular belief many family travelers see that keeping children occupied without technology is better. The games on ipads or phone have a way of leading to inevitable boredom instead of staying increasingly entertaining themselves. Get your children to play games, read books, talk to one another, or even tell them stories. This bonding and personal attention will keep them hooked.

Note: If you children are already quite hooked on technology, it would be wise to start weaning them off gradually and not go cold-turkey.

frequent flyer

3. Jump the Lines With Frequent Flyer Status

If you are a frequent flyer and want to travel in the most comfort and least stress, this tip is for you. Join one of the many clubs and prepare to travel in style. Prepare to jump the lines and collect some of the best airport perks. You might get your baggage fees waived, free food, alcohol, or even better seating.

4. Go Through Priority Lines Anyway

When going through security checkpoints at the airport there are often lines designated for card holders and frequent flyers. If these lines are empty, it is worth trying to walk up and ask if you are able to pass through. Security workers don’t want a backup of flyers waiting in their lines.

frequent flyer

5. Use Your Travel Rewards Credit Card

Even if you don’t have the frequent flyer mile status, you can still flash a travel rewards credit card to gain lounge access before boarding your plane. If you travel often this tip is extremely important as it will allow you to take advantage of lounges for showers, meals, Wi-Fi, and free drinks. As a sign-up bonus, many co-branded airline credit cards offer one or two lounge passes a year .

6. Sleep in the Airport

If you have an early morning flight and won’t land until late at night, its a good idea to sleep in the airport. One major advantage of being well rested before entering a new area at night is that you will be more alert and attentive when navigating the newest destination.

If you do decide to sleep in the airport, always be cautious of your bags. Most likely there won’t be a problem, however its better to be safe than sorry. As a precaution, tie your luggage around the chair you are in or strap it to you own body so no one could take it away without waking you up.