Airspace By Airbus: A Step Towards the New Normal

As a huge aviation nerd, seemingly mundane things like newly remodeled cabin spaces really interest me. In particular, I’m fascinated by designs that aim that embrace a futuristic aesthetic and function.

Earlier this year European plane-makers, Airbus, unveiled a new cabin design that will revolutionize the way we fly. Designers at Airbus turned to the internet to see what people want out of their flying experience. They looked to viral posts for an understanding of the troubles that frequently are disrupting passengers now and what they could do with previous designs to improve them overall. Airbus is looking to launch these new cabins with a new plane sometime in 2017.

airbus logo - blog on airbus' new cabin design by Belal El-Atari

New Features

The Airspace cabin is loaded with new features to make the overall flying experience enjoyable to all. They have cleared up some of the most complained about features on planes these days and it looks like their customers will be thrilled.

  • More Space

If you haven’t guessed already, the main feature in the new Airspace cabin will be more space! This is not just limited to leg rooms either. The cabin will have a standard 18 inch seat, which will give each passenger more individual room. There is also overhead luggage space that will fit five suitcases.

new cabin design by Airbus - blog by Belal El-Atari

Definitely next-gen.

  • Customizable

Airspace is also completely customizable. Each airline that purchases a new Airbus plane will have the option to add seats, take away seats and even rearrange the layout in general. This will be a great features for airlines to provide an excellent flying experience that coincides with the individual airline itself.

  • Mood lighting

The Airspace cabin will be equipped with mood lighting that can be controlled depending on the time of day or even they type of flight. This feature will help passengers feel calmer, let those on a red eye get some sleep, and overall add to the ambience of the sleek new design.

new Airbus design - article by Belal El-Atari

The future is now.

  • Better Wi-Fi

Probably the most exciting feature on the Airbus will be the onboard improved broadband. The updated Wi-Fi will allow passengers the ability to make phone calls, send text messages, and surf the web right inside the cabin. This feature is the icing on the cake that will make flying feel like less than a chore and more like an experience.

The New Normal

Airspace is a pioneering idea that will shape the way we fly moving forward. Flying will no longer be a hassle, but more of an enjoyable pre-vacation, relaxing experience. With Airbus behind the wheel, even a business flight can feel like an exciting new office space on the way to an important business trip. The possibilities are endless and Airspace will be the first to take us there.