About Belal El-Atari

Belal El-AtariBelal El-Atari is the CEO of the Buffalo Wing Factory and an aspiring pilot. He fell in love with the world of flight at an early age watching his father work for Pan American Airways from 1972 until they went out of commission. He is currently in the process of obtaining his pilots license having already completed 60 hours of logged time. One of Belal El-Atari’s most exciting trips to date is flying from Washington D.C to the Bahamas. Belal has also flown an additional 100 hours with a close friend on a few Angel Flight trips.  An Angel Flight is a charity where cancer and burn patients that can’t afford to travel to their hospital across the country receive an airlift to their treatments. For Belal, the trips are emotional, but it makes him feel good to be able to help someone in need.

Traveling is something that Belal El-Atari will never get tired of doing. Eating is Belal’s favorite pastime while traveling, as there is always something new and exciting to try. He also enjoys a nice a hotel experience, and exploring the destinations local culture. Over the years, Belal has had the opportunity to travel to Jordan, Israel, Dubai, Ireland, Cancun, San Francisco, Napa Valley, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, Toronto, and Buffalo.

Belal El-Atari’s Favorite Destinations

Israel – “Israel has amazing food, weather, and scenery”
Chicago – “Chicago has great food and scenery”
Turks and Caicos -“Turks and Caicos has the most beautiful clear blue water I‘ve ever seen”
Las Vegas – “Las Vegas has great food and entertainment”
Napa Valley – “Napa has great food and scenery”